Stories of satisfied customers

We have always said that our best presentation, are our satisfied customers!, here in the words of our customers, experience attempted to provide each partner with our work.

Laura Bahamon

Neiva – Colombia "Christian is an incredibly talented artist. Working with him was the best decision we made, we knew how we wanted the marriage but if we knew we wanted to Christian photographer. We leave reflected the most beautiful memories of our marriage. He looks like your ideas and your dreams and improvement […]

Ingrid Milena Quintero

Bogotá – Colombia "I met Christian through a friend who recommended me, and when I saw his portfolio on page I simply fell in love and knew it was him who wanted our marriage. His style, professionalism,creativity and unique stamp of his photograph were taken to make the decision. When […]

Sandra Plascencia

New Orleans – USA "Christian is more than a photographer.. It is an excellent storyteller and could say the best I've seen so far !!!. With each of your pictures she makes you discover the charm and magic that hides every moment.. captures details that only sees, and we […]

Maria Luisa

Acapulco - Mexico "We are extremely fortunate to have had the presence of the talented Christian Cardona at our wedding in Acapulco Mexico, Actually it was a real pleasure working with them and were more than happy with the results, of course many of my friends and family have asked me for your data […]

Luisa & Daniel Godoy

"We are fortunate to other Christian Having at our wedding. Their professionalism is complete, always we feel confident of being in good hands… And the result has always exceeded our expectations… Christian is a magician with cameras… And the photos are absolute masterpieces! To attest to that, you just need to see your […]

Angie and John

Cartagena – Colombia "His work is just amazing and we can not be happier for having chosen to portray our day. Christian and his team stand out for their professionalism, recursion, creativity, commitment and passion for what they do. It is best that all your photos are a wow! Sights and do not know what […]

Adriana Caicedo

Cajicá - Colombia "Undoubtedly the best wedding photographer who saw and I was blessed to have him at my wedding, The pictures say it all, after seeing 3 wedding photos with friends he did not hesitate a second to hire him were taken. "-

Carolina Serrano

Bogotá - Colombia / "Speechless… incredible photos, a very good vibe during marriage, Super artistic Ideas for photos! We were happy ".

Anna Burzi

Bogotá – Colombia / Our experience with Christian was amazing! My wedding photos did not capture more than an event, I saw on facebook photo session postboda a friend, I knew that Christian had what I wanted! I gave my husband one postboda session, Despite her shyness accepted, […]

Diana Leal

Bogotá – Colombia / My experience with Christian was excellent, My wedding held in Villa de Leiva (Boyaca-Colombia). Throughout the process we are accompanied discreetly but continuously and the result was a beautiful photos showing special way every time, not only for its quality but because in each […]