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 16, 17 Y 18 March 2020 / Bogotá


location: to announce

With such a wide range of workshops and workshops for photographers "Beyond Light" is my conclusion from what you would expect from a workshop for social photographers. My search beyond the technical, the recipes, magical formulas; I intend to set foot on earth and my students understand the reality of the business of wedding photography and portraiture today.

It is training that seeks to leave more questions than answers, more concerns than solutions, that search and results will come from what they learned in the workshop. Aimed at those wedding photographers that want to grow among many topics, evolve, inspiration have no limits, think big, better people to become better photographers, eat the world by stunning photographs and being consistent at the time that crosses industry.

In summary, a conversation among friends surrounded with the best vibes talking about what more we love. I am convinced that a photographer is formed with dedication, study and especially perseverance and not in an afternoon in a workshop trying to copy the style and techniques of a dedicated photographer.

My proposal is simple, create habits that will improve key aspects of your business, your photo and your way to build images for business from them.

I will take so has been my experience and personal research in these years of career and ongoing training, This has led me to have a company that has been sustained and consolidated in a market increasingly competitive and unequal.


The workshop also built with their contributions and active participation, you who will be forced to find answers guided by the tutor, It is not a master class, It is a judging panel, criticism and suggestions where we all learn from experiences, mistakes and successes of all.


Agenda / Temario

This is the initial agenda but must be list @ to 3 days of hard work and lots of information, the workshop is very flexible so there is never one like, some themes are extended or lengthened so that there may be changes on the fly, Punctuality is essential, We do not recommend scheduling flights the same day of the workshop to avoid losing parts of the agenda.

Meet and Greet in “da’ house” I invite them to my house, have an afternoon to meet, share experiences, icebreakers and drink beer.

We will review portfolio, websites and review of specific questions about their work informally and openly.

Day 2 – Foundation and basics

• Foundation + My principles / Position your work

• ToolBox: Tools for building creative images.

• Modifiers, Flash, Work scenarios and practical solutions.

• Shooting Christian

• Closing the first day

Day 3 – Shooting, workflow and presentations

• Students work session

• Workflow and postproduction

• Business and sales

• Selection and postproduction work team

• Presentation of the work team

• Questions, feedback and closing of the workshop

Send the following information to the mail[email protected], After submitting the information will be reviewed, once approved will send the payment order for the payment of the quota.


AFFAIR: Taller 2020 - Bogota

Send the following information:

Full name

Your company name or company name as a photographer

Where she lives

Contact email

Cell phone + Landline

Link personal profile Facebook

Link Facebook profile page

Link Instagram

Link website or page where you can review your portfolio

Years working in photography

portfolio with 20 Wedding photos of the same (includes photos all day, from enlistment, ceremony, couple and family portraits, details, fiesta, etc.) (Send to the mail[email protected])


$1’900.000 pesos (COP) / (USD 620) 2 dues

$2’000.000 pesos (COP) / (USD 650) 3 dues


It includes: 3 day workshop, location, snacks, café, Water, gifts from sponsors, transfer of the first day to the "meet and greet" and welcome food.

Way to pay: 50% to separate quota (NOT refundable value). Balance 2 months before the workshop. To validate the separation of its quota transaction must send photo to mail[email protected] with personal data.

Consignment / transfer Bancolombia (transfers / national provision added $15.000 Banking Committee pesos): 

Christian Cardona Perdomo

Bancolombia Savings Account # 20495782534

PayPal(add to the value of each payment service commission 4.5%), account: [email protected] 

does not include: lodging, transfers to the workshop, feeding.

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