Diana and John

Diana and John

Puerto Morelos – Mexico /

Christian was choosing the best choices for our marriage, since we decided to get married, we knew who was in charge of the photos, It would be a key player in our day, so we spent a lot of time searching and choice, it was not easy since our wedding was in Mexico.

We managed to do a couple of interviews with the photography providers recommended by our wedding planner from Cancun, we did an arduous investigation through social networks, We seek advice from a friend who is an expert in photography from Colombia and on the way, the choice became more and more complicated as we "soaked" more into the subject.. and because? Because marriage photos are all a science: the style, the colors, The angles, focus. etc., completely new concepts appeared that were decisive when deciding; we only had one thing clear ... PHOTOS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT, IT IS WHAT IS LEFT FOREVER!!

We met Christian a few months before our wedding at the marriage of some friends in Cartagena, given that at the time we were looking for our photographer and as we had already studied the subject, It was very easy to marvel at Christian's work once the first photos of our friends were published, and it is that you do not need to be an expert to realize the quality of your work, but at that time the challenge was another .... Could it be that if we start for Mexico? Are we seriously going to take it knowing that Cancun is a place full of wedding vendors?? Did we go crazy? And the truth is that from the first moment we spoke with Christian we knew that the result was going to be excellent and that his work speaks for itself, We had a videoconference with him and there he detailed all the information, Christian was in charge of explaining everything in detail and from the ground up he showed his professionalism and generated great confidence in us., Of course, you had to add a travel and lodging logistics issue but there was no roll, Christian was in contact with us all the time, he was aware of all the details so that nothing escaped us.

Already in mexico, We had a pre-wedding session and the truth is that we had an incredible time working with him, we laugh all the time, we were ourselves, nothing was "stiff" or "posed" and, what to say on the wedding day… Christian went beyond being the wedding photographer, he was our accomplice, personally, made me feel super relaxed in the getting ready her tips were key to being calm throughout the wedding, not a single detail was lost and that can be seen in the final product ... the photos were VERY GOOD!!

We could not be more delighted with the result and not only for the great quality, but because of how it makes us feel seeing them and for everything that reminds us, every feeling of that day was immortalized in his photos, simply spectacular. Finally, I would like to add that, since we had a destination wedding, We had the opportunity to interact more with Christian and get to know him a little more and we can say with all certainty that he is a great human being, with a very good vibe, dedicated to his work and passionate about his clients being satisfied and happy with his photos, For the umpteenth time Chris I must say