Alex & Dali

Alex & Dali

It changed our lives
One of the most difficult things for us was to shine among so much competition, we wanted to create something different and at the same time be accepted by our clients. But how to do it?!We didn't even know how to start. Until one day we saw Christian in a commercial for Magmod, what work talent this man! The first thing we thought at the time was “We need to learn from Him”

In February 2019, we managed to take a Christian workshop and what can I tell you? The best experience of our lives. It is told by a photographer who has taken workshops with Jerry Ghionis, Twomann Studios, a fine…with half a planet xD Today we enjoy being able to create impressive and different images than usual here in Puerto Rico. Thanks Christian!!

10/10 Total excellence when it comes to enjoying learning from the best photographer in the world.

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